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Fly, Stream and Remote Control with a Single Link

Live stream video from a drone with ultra low latency.

Let your viewers watch your live stream.

Remote gimbal control with ultra low latency.


Live stream

Live stream video from a DJI drone with ultra low latency to anyone in the World. Let viewers watch your live stream via simple Web app.


Awesome Features

These features will enable you to live stream video from the DJI drone to anyone in the World and even let them take control of the drone itself.

Live stream

Live stream video from any DJI drone up to Full HD (1080p) quality. Multiple viewers can receive direct video stream at the same time.

Gimbal control

Let viewers control the gimbal camera on your DJI drone. They can pan & zoom gimbal in real time.

Camera shutter control

Let viewers control the camera shutter on your DJI drone. They can pan take pictures and record video while you maintain control of the flight controls.

Drone control

Let viewers take flight control of your DJI drone. They can fly it using either virtual joysticks controlled by touch control/mouse or by gamepad controller (PS/Xbox).

Ultra low latency

Advanced technology enables us to live stream video with sub 1s latency. Therefore viewers across the World can see your stream in real time and therefore can also fly it without issues related to latency.

How It Works

A simple guide on the features available for the native mobile app (drone owner) and web app for viewers. We'll describe main features, i.e. how to start live streaming and let viewers view the live stream and take control of the drone.

How to Fly


Flying - same as with DJI GO 4 app

We have designed app experience to mimic official DJI GO 4 app as much as possible. That way you'll feel right at home when flying before you start using some of our awesome features.

Registration & Login

Before you start using our app you need to create an account and log in to our app. You can use social media accounts to speed up the process.


As mentioned above, app design is almost the same as what are you used to in official DJI app. Some controls might look a little bit different, otherwise most of them are exactly the same. That way you don't have to familiarize yourself with another flight dashboard and you can start using our awesome original features.

  • Where can I find the iOS version?
    We've decided to initially build an Android version as a proof of concept. If there is going to be enough demand from the users, we'll also create an iOS version.
  • How to switch default app for DJI drone?
    As most people have default app set to DJI GO 4 app, you need to clear it if you want to select/use our own app. Follow this thread instructions on how to do this on Android.
  • How to start streaming?
    See above section How It Works for more information.
  • How many viewers can join the live stream?
    Currently the service performs best if there is only one viewer, though we do support multiple viewers. Though how many viewers can join depends on the strength of the Mobile connection and hardware specifications. The issue is, that every user consumes certain bandwidth for video transmission and CPU for video processing. We've tested with 2-3 viewers and it performed good on mediocre phone and 4G network connection.
  • How to improve video stream quality?
    There are many reasons for poor video stream quality. You can check the following: 1. Streamer Internet connection. Being out in the open probably means you are using Mobile network Internet connection to stream. Check that your connection speed is in the range of 3G. 2. Viewer Internet connection. Check that your viewer has good Internet connection. 3. Check number of viewers that have joined your live stream. Live stream quality depends on this as each viewer consumes certain bandwith for streaming.
  • How to enable remote control?
    See above section How It Works for more information.
  • How to take back control of the drone?
    We know what you are thinking. What if my viewer to whom I've enabled remote control starts doing something I don't like as an operator. How do I immediately take back control of the drone without the hassle of toggling it in the menu? It's very simple, you can instantly disable viewer remote control by slightly moving either left/right joysticks on your controller.
  • Is the service free?
    The service is free up to 30 minutes of live streaming per month for each account. The quota is restarted on the first day of each month. See the pricing section for the usage after free minutes are used up.

Simon Planter, NJ

"I can quickly share live video of sites we are reviewing for potential shoots - the app has been useful to improve our decision making"

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