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DroneControl Enterprise - Fleet Management Solution

GDPR compliant full drone management solution.  The software allows ground staff to control and coordinate multiple drones at the same time with best in class latency, in order to increase the range and effectiveness of drone-based activities such as low-altitude air-borne surveillance, damage assessment, and mapping.

fleet-map-video-telemetry-overview (1).png



Complete Automated Management system for UAV Docking Stations


Designed for off-the-shelf drones and docking stations, DroneControl Remote gives you the ability to operate your drones and collate critical data autonomously.



UAV Fleet Management, Video Streaming and Remote-Control System


View live high-definition video & telemetry data from your drone anywhere in the world. Manage your fleet & payload remotely. Effortlessly invite guests to view real-time footage from multiple locations.

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