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UAV Fleet Management, Video Streaming and Remote-Control System

View live high-definition video & telemetry data from your drone anywhere in the world. Manage your fleet & payload remotely. Effortlessly invite guests to view real-time footage from multiple locations.

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Actionable Live Intel

Livestream high-definition Drone video of your site directly on your hub globally. Improve operational productivity and effectively manage workflow. Gain critical insights at each project stage based on business-specific needs.

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Peer-to-Peer Connected Remote Flights

Operate unlimited missions or expediate drones to a particular area on request. Oversee every operation globally. Fully manage drone and payload whilst inflight. Significantly reduce travel expense & eliminate the risk of human error.


Automatic Hybrid Fleet Control

Add any DJI Drone to your fleet based on your need. Monitor continuous real time status. Automate key actions for individual UAVs. Automatically and securely store data onto on-premise servers avoiding drone-by-drone retrieval of data.

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Real-time UAV Video & Telemetry Channel

Monitor missions and get real-time updates of your drones. Livestream high-definition video for full situational understanding. Be alerted to deviations from set parameters immediately. Increase and improve decision-making and reactions to incidents.

  • Received HD video at industry best ultra-low latency (<20 ms)

  • View live cockpit dashboard whilst in flight

  • Increase capability and site understanding by integrating other specific camera hardware

  • Ability to record and save footage securely to your preferred data solution (Cloud or on-premise)

Best in Class Remote Drone Control

Pilot your UAVs remotely or configure multiple automated missions. Real time control of full drone navigation from our web based or desk top app using the highly intuitive on-screen joypad. Remotely land or hoover drone on request from central hub

  • Industry leading ultra-low latency for streaming and control using our unique P2P protocol

  • Utilize onboard lighting systems for missions around the clock

  • Fully manage gimbal orientation and camera zoom

  • Enable on board speaker hardware to utilize audio communication

  • Immediate Return to home or fail-safe commands on request

Preconfigured Role-Based Access

Set specific guest permissions to allow stakeholders across the world access to real time missions and stored historical data. Monitor drone and live status during usage.

  • Highlight and survey relevant data live on the map overview

  • Transmit critical data with globally based team members in real time

  • Automatically distinguish and review key objects highlighted in mission

  • Seamlessly move control between remote and onsite operators

Hybrid Drone Fleet Management

DroneControl supports all DJI models with other brands to follow, enabling you to easily switch management of your UAVs immediately on request. Our platform allows you to add unlimited drones to your fleet.

  • Preprogram geofences to plan fly zones

  • Manage fail safes and pre-mission checklists

  • Survey live footage from multiple UAVs at the same time

  • Automated obstacle detect and avoid integration

Mission Planning Made Simple

Configure missions using simplified way-point navigation for mapping or monitoring large ground areas. Manage multiple flight plans with defined tasks to collect data automatically. Decrease reliance for onsite drone pilots.

  • Manage missions with multiple waypoints

  • Switch between simple or grid-based missions

  • Execute individual waypoint actions

  • Securely review previous mission logs


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