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Complete Automated Management system for UAV Docking Stations

Designed for off-the-shelf drones and docking stations, DroneControl Remote gives you the ability to operate your drones and collate critical data autonomously.

Data Processing

Automatic Data Capture

Phase out need of manual collection of site data. View, record, and share live HD footage efficiently. Deploy automatic drone charging stations for routine inspection operations.

Business Meeting

Improve Efficiency & ROI

Real time detection of issues to reduce costs and help prevent persistent shutdowns. Eliminate blindspots and monitor hard-to-reach areas.


Reduce Response Times

Rapidly deploy autonomous drones in response to an alarm to a specific location. Increase personnel safety and mitigate emergencies with automated drone docks.

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Live Situational Understanding

Receive immediate video updates to stay ahead of potential issues. Detect malfunctions proactively. Increase speed and quality of decision-making and reduce need of operational pauses.


  • Stream high-definition video feed and take control remotely at world-leading ultra-low latency

  • View live footage from multiple UAVs at the same time

  • Record and store captured video data securely

  • Share live feed across the world with selected guests

Rapid Incident Reaction

Expediate drones to the incident site to raise personnel safety. Control drone & payload remotely with an on-screen joypad, keyboard, or joystick using our market-leading P2P protocol for ultra-low latency.

  • Deploy UAVs to specific GPS coordinates remotely

  • Calibrate advanced geofences to protect no-fly zones

  • Ability to use audio over the drone speaker

  • Improve nighttime visibility via utilizing onboard spotlights

  • Program multiple fail safes to increase drone and personal safety

Automated Docking Station Control

DroneControl Remote allows you to operate your drone docks with minimal human interaction and configure remotely. Fully incorporate your drone nests to receive critical data seamlessly over mobile network.

  • Activate key actions remotely

  • Real time charging status and automated battery swapping

  • Ability to implement internal cameras to monitor hardware

  • Monitor real time data received from onboard weather station

  • Weather data integrated into pre-flight checks

Plan & Schedule Automated Missions

Deploy & oversee multiple UAVs concurrently. Complete duplicate missions with next-to-zero human interference. Reduce human error.

  • Manage a hybrid fleet of drones from across the world

  • Configure and fly multiple waypoint missions

  • Execute individual waypoint actions

  • Schedule routine missions on simplified calendar view

  • Securely review previous mission logs

Precise Automated Landing

DroneControl Precision Landing plugin utilizes AI-enabled technology to control and land your drone onto the drone station autonomously.

  • Achieve over 99% reliability for landings

  • Ability to execute near perfect landings in all lighting variations

  • No additional hardware is required

  • AI-enabled technology using onboarding cameras ensure landing is possible even in GPA restricted areas.

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