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DroneControl Software Development Kit

Under a fully supported licensing agreement implement our new-to-the-world P2P software protocol to your current platform enabling ultra low best in class latency for live streaming and control. 

Programming Console

DroneControl P2P Protocol for live video

Using our unique new-to-the-world protocol stack it will enable you to get a ultra low latency live video stream from the DJI drone. Support for multiple concurrent viewers of the stream.

P2P Remote channels for C&C

We support remote flight command and control via our unique P2P channels. Due to low latency requirements to do it in real time, the peer-to-peer technology delivers industry leading  live response remote drone control.

Radio Telescopes
Electronic Devices on Table

Cross platform support

DroneControl's unique P2P technology supports bindings and integration for various platforms, from mobile, web and desktop. Whatever platform you use, our solution can be adapted to it.

Privacy & GDPR concerns

Due to the security of our new-to-the-world P2P technology, it addresses the privacy & GDPR concerns out of the box.

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