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Wałbrzych 2023: Multi-Nation Emergency Service Training Event

From October 2-3, 2023, Wałbrzych, Poland hosted an international two-day training event 'Wałbrzych 2023'. This initiative saw the collaborative efforts of Polish units from the Lower Silesian Voivodeship of Poland, alongside teams from the Czech Republic and Germany. Altogether, the event witnessed the participation of approximately 250 firefighters to collaborate, train and share learnings together.

Multi-National Teams, Multi-Scenario Drills

The exercise provided various real-world scenarios for the teams to navigate: from searching for missing individuals and fighting fires to extracting people from the debris and ensuring their safe evacuation. Such drills are crucial for honing the skills of firefighters, ensuring they're always ready to tackle emergencies head-on.

The Role of Drone Technology in Modern Rescue

One of the event's highlights was a demonstration by Gerard Szustek, a leading Polish drone expert from, a Polish partner of DroneControl. Gerard showcased the capabilities of the DroneControl FirstResponder - a state-of-the-art drone software equipped with secure live streaming and remote-control functionalities tailor-made for emergency services.

The demonstration proved the impact drones can have as an invaluable tool in supporting operational activities during rescues, from providing aerial visuals to assisting in coordination efforts. The attending rescue teams were enthusiastic about the benefits the technology presented for future drone-assisted operations.

Reflecting on the event, Gerard commented, "It's always a great experience to showcase the potential of drone technology in such real-world scenarios. The positive response from the rescue teams at 'Wałbrzych 2023' confirms our belief in DroneControl FirstResponder and the impact it delivers. This software is not just about tech; it's about enhancing the capabilities of our emergency services, ensuring quicker and more effective responses when lives are at stake."

Looking Forward

'Wałbrzych 2023' was a great example of how training and new technology can work together. It's clear that new solutions like DroneControl FirstResponder play a critical role in incident response and can help protect more lives.

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