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Use Cases for Your Business

How can a commercial drone program revolutionize your business driving growth and efficencies

Public Safety

Remotely Manage Drones for Public Safety & First Responder Situations

Equip emergency personal with autonomous UAVs for live situational awareness, law enforcement, SAR missions; remotely control & manage them with ease from a central hub.

Construction, Agriculture and Mining

Autonomous Drone-Based Monitoring System for Project Management and Site Monitoring

Utilize drone fleets on programmed missions to capture live video footage. Automate data collection for tracking the progress of your projects or to monitor sites remotely

Site Security

Fully Independent UAV Security Solution

Implement automated UAVs for surveillance, security patrols, perimeter guarding, and aerial monitoring; schedule automated patrols and control them remotely and securely with ease peer-to-peer over cell networks.

Asset Inspection

Drone Management Solutions for Remote Asset Inspection

DroneControl offers commercial drone inspection solutions for monitoring high-value assets in utility, infrastructure, energy and other industrial sectors over cell networks.

Need help to maximize your UAV fleet today?

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