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About Us

The future of Remote Drone Management

We are DroneControl. A responsive, agile and fast growing Drone tech company founded by highly experienced professionals who are passionate about this dynamic and evolving industry

Our Story

Our passion for drones and wanting to be part of this exciting industry brought us together to create DroneControl. Starting in 2021 with our consumer app utilizing our new-to-the-world peer to peer protocol which delivers industry best low latency for real-time streaming and remote control. 

Following the success of this app in the consumer space - DroneControl expanded in 2022 to offer our various software solutions to the commercial space. We are the only UAV fleet management solution company to offer fully GDPR compliant secure on-premise implementation of our platform and data storage. Utilizing our peer-to-peer streaming and control protocol we ensure that live streaming and real-time control are 100% secure and do not pass through cloud or third party servers.

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness, reliability and to be the industries most trusted partner. Our agility allows us to be flexible to our customer requirements and needs and offer fully customizable solutions

Meet The Team

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