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DroneControl Visits Groblja Fire Brigade's Open Day

Jernej Jerin, the CTO of DroneControl, recently visited the open day at the Voluntary Fire Brigade of Groblja - Prebold Municipality in Slovenia.

DroneControl FirstResponder Demo

Jernej showed off DroneControl's FirstResponder drone to the local community and firefighters. Our software allows the drone’s video feed to be securely live-streamed to multiple viewers as well as enabling the drone to be remotely controlled, improving incident response and protecting more lives.

Feedback from the Event

Events like these serve as a crucial bridge between technological advancements and community awareness. It allows residents to understand the potential benefits of these tools in enhancing their safety. For the fire department, it's an opportunity to grasp how new technology can complement their efforts, making their responses even more efficient.

When asked about the event, Jernej said, "The open day at Groblja's fire station was great. It's good to show our technology to the community and those who help in emergencies. I'm glad to see people interested in how our technology can help."

What's Next?

DroneControl is proud to support local firefighting departments with our drone software solution designed for the emergency services. These partnerships are critical to our vision to becoming the leading brand agnostic drone software solution for the emergency services. We will enable a consistent user interface featuring secure live streaming and remote control, Flight Log management and what3words compatibility. In the near future we will utilize breakthrough AI and secure automated evidence upload, whilst being fully integrated with existing command centre technology.

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