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DroneControl Business

Building on our successful consumer app. This app (currently in development) allows live stream and control with ultra low latency to remote colleagues with additional mapping software implemented within app and web app.


Live stream

Live stream video from your drone to office based colleagues will ultra low latency measured in milliseconds. They will be able to watch your stream in real time without any noticeable delay using just a Web browser.

Remote flight & camera control

Let your office based colleagues take flight control of the drone from central HQ. Control it via virtual joysticks, that supports either touch, mouse or gamepad input. Additionally, camera gimbal can also be controlled via touch/mouse movement.

Video Game Controller
Agriculture Drone

Flight missions for aerial mapping

Create flight missions for mapping purposes in the app. Define the area of the mission and the flight details, such as height and flight speed. Images taken during the flight are automatically uploaded for processing after the mission is done.

Aerial Map generation and inspection tools

Map generation starts immediately after mission completion and all images are uploaded. It takes the images as input and produces detailed maps. The map can be inspected via Web browser, where inspection tools are available to do various measurements on the generated map.

Aerial View of a Houses
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