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Why is GDPR relevant?

Drone operators, as "data controllers", are legally responsible for the storage and management of this data inc. live streaming

Cloud based Drone Management systems have a heighten risk of cyber attacks and security

How big is this issue?

“In the last 18 months, 79% of companies have experienced at least one cloud data breach; even more alarmingly, 43% have reported 10 or more breaches in that time.”


Catlin Jones – (Mar 2022)

“Infringements of the regulation can result in heavy fines that could cause a company to cease operations”

 Jeremiah Karpowicz –Editorial Director Commercial UAV News


Much commercial UAV usage involve capturing videos and images of highly sensitive locations or incidents. Many organizations require on-premise private server storage as Cloud based solutions are not an option due to security risk.

Our Software Platform is 100% stored on local on-premise servers whilst our data streaming and control use P2P WebRTC protocol that enables direct connection from site to hub without cloud or external servers in use.

Data is transferred securely and directly to on-premise servers (WebRTC/http post upload) which meets high level security and GDPR needs.

Our new-to-the-world unique low latency live streaming and control is market leading.

Data security goes further than GDPR for commercial drone data and we can help solve this problem for you

Can we help your organization solves these problems?

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