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DroneControl and 3S Group Announce Partnership to Revolutionise Missing Persons Response

Devon, UK/Geneva, Switzerland – August 16, 2023 –

DroneControl Sarl, a leader in secure live stream and remote-control drone technology for the emergency services, and 3S Group Limited, a leading-edge search management solution provider, today announced a strategic partnership. This collaboration will integrate their cutting-edge software systems to expedite and streamline the response to missing persons incidents, setting a new standard for rapid, efficient, and effective search and rescue operations.

By integrating DroneControl's state-of-the-art solution DroneControl FirstResponder designed for the emergency services, with 3S Group’s powerful search and rescue software MX SARMAN Enterprise, this partnership aims to harness the best of both technologies.

The combined solution will offer the integration of the drone’s telemetry and geo position data, secure live streaming and remote control within the MX SARMAN Enterprise platform.

This combination of market leading technologies will deliver more effective response strategies for missing persons incidents.

The expected result is a significant decrease in response times, and consequently, increased chances of swift, successful recoveries.

The potential for positive impact from this partnership is tremendous,” says Thomas Ingold, CEO of DroneControl. “By seamlessly linking our technologies, we are set to redefine how quickly and efficiently missing persons incidents can be resolved. We have seen in the real world the positive impact a drone can have in missing person’s operations, and by integrating this technology with 3S Group’s market leading search infrastructure we see a major increase in efficiency.

We are thrilled about this collaboration with DroneControl,” adds Steve Wood, Managing Director 3SGroup Limited “Their pioneering approach to drone operations in the emergency services aligns perfectly with our own mission of utilising advanced technology to make the world safer. We believe this partnership will lead to remarkable strides in search and rescue efforts globally and immediately provide significant enhancement to our existing Clients”.

As two leaders in their respective fields, the DroneControl and 3S Group partnership heralds a new era in the application of drone and security technology to enhance public safety.


About DroneControl SARL

DroneControl is a leading provider of drone software to the emergency services, delivering best in class secure live streaming and remote control. Through continuous innovation and a focus on public safety designed features, DroneControl helps first responders globally protect more lives.

About 3S Group Limited

For the last 15 years 3SGroup Limited has been a premier provider of advanced search management solutions to the Maritime Coastguard Agency, Ministry of Defence, Police Forces, Mountain, Lowland and Cave Rescue, Educational Establishments, Councils, Government Departments and Private Companies.

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