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DroneControl FirstResponder being demonstrated to UK fire service!

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Last week, Ben Shirley demonstrated heliguy's Drone Response Unit (DRU) built by Venari Group UK, together with DroneControl First Responder to a Fire Rescue Service.

They reportedly encounter numerous issues with the speed in which an incident live stream can be established, the burdonsome hardware setup, together with encountering stream stability issues.

With DCFR, a secure peer-to-peer stream was established within a matter of seconds, without any additional hardware, providing the remote viewer(s) the capability of controlling both camera and gimbal.

Data connectivity is provided wirelessly from the DRU to the Command Unit, thanks to the bonded 4G/ 5G cellular connection, which can be further complimented with satcom.

Additional benefits introduced by DCFR include 2-way audio and What3Words coordinates using the Laser Range Finder of the DJI Matrice 30, or Zenmuse H20/T/N of the DJI Matrice 300/350. This significantly reduces the response time where W3W coordinates have been provided to a Remote Pilot, where previously, a manual conversion from latitude longitude was necessary.

The below image demonstrates the remote viewer's interface, in this case from a laptop.

Free trials are available on the heliguy™ website:

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