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DroneControl FirstResponder continues to innovate and be upgraded!

At DroneControl we talk a lot about the 1% concept – small incremental steps over time create a huge impact. 1% improvement a week means 4% a month and 52% in a year – an absolutely transformational effect.

That is why I am so excited about our latest upgrade to our core feature – secure live streaming.

Our tech team have been working tirelessly behind the scenes, not only developing great new features but also focused on the continuous improvement of our core features.

With this new upgrade our video feed is now more stable, uses less data and delivers consistently full 1080p 30fps even in low data areas to multiple viewers.

Have a look at the images – the flight mission is in a low 4G connection area in the middle of the countryside (max 3mbps) with 4 viewers on different devices. Full HD and 30 FPS – incredible performance and highly secure using our peer-to-peer protocol.

Thank you to our brilliant engineering and product teams for their incredible work and our customers who trust in our technology to perform vital tasks. We are excited to see the positive impact this development will have in the field.

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