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DroneControl FirstResponder in live demonstration to German Fire Fighters

Our CEO Thomas Ingold was invited to one of the leading German drone training and development centers – Bormatec in Ravensberg to showcase DroneControl FirstResponder to the firefighting teams of Pfullendorf and Bad Saulgau.

Alongside Bormatec CEO Franz Bormann we had the opportunity to discuss their current drone operation with the Baden-Württemberg based firefighters and how DroneControl FirstResponder can improve their incident response and protect more lives.

The live demonstration gave the first responders a chance to see the many capabilities of FirstResponder, with a focus on its ability to provide secure live streaming and remote drone control. Designed to enhance the operations of emergency services, our software solves one of the biggest pain points in the industry – how to simply and secure share the drone video feed to improve incident situation awareness.

The other feature that received high praise is the software's advanced location integration. By combining the drone’s position with a laser range finder, it can instantly pinpoint the exact location of a subject using what3words or mapbox postal address. For emergency services, where every second counts, such a feature is a game-changer.

Franz commented: "We see a lot of new tech here and my partners have tried many solutions for live streaming and always been disappointed. DroneControl really offer a solution that works and can improve the emergency services drone operation. We are really excited to see it used in real life scenarios”

This event highlighted the increasing importance and relevance of drone software for the emergency services. We are excited to see the impact DroneControl can have in Germany by improving incident response and help protect more lives.

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