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DroneControl FirstResponder in Poland Social Media Activation

Our Polish partner Gerard Szustek gave a first-time-ever service using DroneControl FirstResponder to live stream's latest event on facebook!

The stream showcased the reliability and quality of DroneControl FirstResponder's secure live stream whilst driving visibility of the event to local residents and potential funhouse customers.

As one of Poland's leading drone experts, Gerard has been a valuable development partner to us at DroneControl - thanks for the support to him and his team 🚀

Gerard commented "I tried to broadcast live from a drone in other ways, but it was very expensive, cumbersome to carry out or ineffective. DroneControl First Responder reduces all these problems, is cheaper, easier to use and gives good results. I find DroneControl First Responder (DCFR) a great tool for broadcasting live drone footage on social media. This has the potential to become a standard in the drone and entertainment industry. I will be posting more unusual use cases soon. It's a great pride for us to be part of TeamDroneControl and a great joy to use DCFR"

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