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DroneControl FirstResponder now supporting London Search and Rescue

LONDON, United Kingdom / GENEVA, Switzerland — August 22nd, 2023: DroneControl, a leader in drone software for emergency services, is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with London Search and Rescue. This collaboration is part of DroneControl's charitable program and demonstrates a commitment to enhancing public safety and community support initiatives.

The partnership entails equipping London Search and Rescue with DroneControl's top-tier drone software; Dro

neControl FirstResponder, renowned for its secure live streaming and remote-control capabilities. With these tools, London Search and Rescue will be able to significantly enhance their emergency response effectiveness, preventing loss of life by reducing response times and increasing the safety and efficiency of their operations.

DroneControl's technology is the product of relentless innovation, purpose-built with features designed specifically for public safety such as integration with what3words. By integrating their industry-leading software into London Search and Rescue's operations, DroneControl continues to fulfill its mission of assisting first responders globally to protect more lives.

Thomas Ingold, CEO of DroneControl, says, "This partnership with London Search and Rescue underscores our dedication to public safety and our commitment to supporting lifesaving efforts globally. We believe our technology will provide an invaluable tool to London Search and Rescue, enabling them to carry out their vital work more efficiently and safely."

“The “golden hour” of the initial deployment phase is crucial to saving lives in missing person incidents” Added Tony Liparoti, Drone Lead at London Search and Rescue “DroneControl FirstResponder enables the aerial overview of the search area to be quickly transmitted back to the Incident Control Unit, to help search managers to strategically deploy search technicians on the ground in key areas more efficiently. This is also critical to supporting the health and safety of the search teams on the ground and support them by scouting areas that might be challenging for our foot teams to access sight unseen. With the use of DroneControl FirstResponder, London Search and Rescue has an additional capability which adds value to their drone fleet in the contribution of supporting effective searches. We are delighted to be using this new technology as part of our incident response”

London Search and Rescue, a critical element of the capital’s incident response infrastructure, will now be empowered by DroneControl's world-class technology. The software will bring about a new era of rescue operations, taking a significant step towards creating safer communities and ensuring peace of mind for London's residents.

About DroneControl

DroneControl is a leading provider of drone software to the emergency services, delivering best in class secure live streaming and remote control. Through continuous innovation and a focus on public safety designed features, DroneControl helps first responders globally protect more lives.

About London Search and Rescue

London Search and Rescue is a crucial component of the city's emergency response framework, committed to ending preventable loss of life in London by locating and rescuing vulnerable individuals. Comprised of dedicated and highly trained volunteers, the organization operates in challenging environments, such as urban areas, waterways, wild spaces and parkland, providing 24/7 assistance to local police and other emergency services. Leveraging advanced technology and specialized techniques, London Search and Rescue works tirelessly, often in adverse conditions, to ensure the safety and well-being of the city's residents. Their invaluable service underscores a profound commitment to community, safeguarding lives, and offering peace of mind to countless individuals.

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