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DroneControl FirstResponder supporting Derbyshire Police at YNOT music festival

It was incredibly exciting to see DroneControl FirstResponder active at the weekend supporting Derbyshire Constabulary at the YNOT festival in Pikehall, UK.

We are proud to have Tom Gee, UAS Accountable Manager & Counter UAS Lead at Derbyshire Constabulary, utilize our technology during the event. Tom provided invaluable overwatch to the festival site commander from the festival control centre, utilizing our secure live streaming and remote control capabilities. This allowed the site commander to remotely control the drone camera, enhancing situational awareness and improving efficiency.

Furthermore, the integration of what3words location with the laser range finder is proving to be an invaluable tool. It enabled the quick identification of potential persons of interest, facilitating effective communication with ground units.

I would like to extend a massive thanks to Tom and the entire team at Derbyshire Constabulary for their unwavering support and continuous feedback. We are delighted to see how DroneControl FirstResponder is making a difference for our emergency service partners, ultimately helping to protect more lives.

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