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DroneControl FirstResponder V1.2.0 Released

Dear DroneControl FirstResponder Community,

It is our pleasure to announce the latest release of DroneControl FirstResponder V1.2.0.

New updated APK is ready for download which includes:

  • Widget for IR mode to detect maximum/minimum temperature inside specific area of screen

  • Support to switch between Gimbal Free and Follow mode. Also additional modes supported to change position of the gimbal camera

  • Automatic switch to Gimbal Free mode if remote camera control is shared to viewer. If camera control is taken away, Gimbal mode switches back to Follow mode - this gives the viewer full range of motion of the camera gimbal without limitation.

  • Upgraded WebRTC library to improve performance of the quality of streaming

  • Upgraded GlassFish Tyrus library to improve WebSocket connection performance

  • Various Bug and security upgrades

Thanks for your support and safe flying

Your DroneControl Development team

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