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Enhancing Emergency Response with DroneControl FirstResponder: A Successful Training Exercise in Woolwich for London Search and Rescue

In a recent training exercise, the London Search and Rescue (LonSAR) team partnered with Queen Elizabeth Hospital, part of the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust, to simulate a missing person scenario. This exercise aimed to test and improve the response protocols for such emergencies.

The training scenario involved the potential disappearance of a person from the hospital. To manage this, LonSAR deployed 25 Search Technicians organized into five foot teams. These teams were supported by LonSAR’s Drone Team, which provided aerial cover using DroneControl's FirstResponder software. The drone live-streamed footage directly to the Search Planners, significantly enhancing the coordination and efficiency of the operation.

Tony Liparoti, Drone Lead at LonSAR said after the event “It is a privilege being part of this amazing charity to serve the London community as the Drone Lead. Our drone’s main strength is the live streaming provided by DroneControl First Responder - thank you to the team at DroneControl”

During the exercise, volunteers were introduced to one of LonSAR’s two new Incident Control Units, donated by the London Freemasons' Charity. These units played a crucial role in managing the operation, showcasing the importance of these cutting-edge vehicles in search and rescue missions.

Matt Gladwell, Search operations manager commented “We were actually able to utilize the new drone streaming capability that's recently been installed in the incident control unit. It is the first time that we've been able to deploy on exercise and it was actually able to live stream from the Drone that was covering the search area directly into one of the computers in the incident control unit. So the search management team were able to see in real time how the situation was developing on the ground”

Everyone at DroneControl is delighted to support this successful training exercise which demonstrates the vital role of drone technology can deliver in search and rescue operations. DroneControl FirstResponder continues to improve incident response and protect more lives for our public safety partners globally.

For more information on how DroneControl can support your emergency response efforts, please get in contact with the team!

London Search & Rescue (LONSAR) is a Lowland Rescue team, assisting the Metropolitan Police in searches for vulnerable missing persons. The importance of search and rescue in saving life is to respond quickly to a lost person in an emergency. The sooner a vulnerable missing person is found and receives prompt and appropriate medical care, the better their chances are for survival. Click here to learn more

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