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We are really happy to announce our official partnership with what3words!

For those of you unfamiliar with what3words, they have pioneered an ingenious global addressing system that has been adopted by millions worldwide. By dividing the entire globe into 3m x 3m squares and assigning a unique three-word address to each square, what3words has simplified location sharing and made precise navigation possible, even in remote or unaddressed areas. They are used extensively in the emergency services to improve incident response and protect more lives!

We have fully integrated what3words into DroneControl FirstResponder - calibrated to the drone's position and utilizing the laser range finder!

Emergency responders can receive the exact location coordinates of a subject in a matter of seconds, without any ambiguity or delays from up to 1,200 meters away. By implementing our software, we can simplify and streamline the incident response process, making it faster and more reliable than ever before to protect lives!

Many thanks to Khongorzul Otgonbayar and the team at what3words for the support and partnership together - this is only the beginning 🚀

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