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The New Standard
in Remote Drone Management

Take your drone operations to the next level

For Personal Use

Our highly successful recreational drone app - Stream live video from a DJI drone with ultra low latency to anyone in the world. Lets viewers watch your live stream and take control via a simple web app.

In the Woods
Silver Drone
Small Island

Live Stream

Gimbal  and Camera Shutter Control

Ultra Low Latency

Drone Control

For Business

Let our customized solutions take your business to higher grounds. With different customized packages available we can meet the specific demands of your business in a dynamic and ever-evolving industry

Topographic map

Automated Mapping

Hybrid Drone Fleet Management

Sewage Filtration
Small Island

Data Security First

Automated Simplified Mission Planning

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


Active Users


Number of hours remote streaming 


Countries Globally


Different Drone Models in Use

Josh Newby, AU

“The remote control response time is noticeably quicker than other apps I have used"

John McGinny, UK

"The quality of the streaming is really great. I use it regularly to show the office what is happening live on site"

Simon Planter, NJ

“I can quickly share live video of sites we are reviewing for potential shoots - the app has been useful to improve our decision making”

In an industry with unprecedented growth. 
We stand for impeccable reliability.

As a European based Drone Tech company with over 25 years of cross-industry experience DroneControl are well placed to meet the demands of European and Global partners.

Passionate about this exciting industry and the potential growth and efficiencies our products can to deliver; we have developed a number of solutions to fit the needs of an ever changing market.

Your dedicated customer facing tech team are always-on to your demands and requirements and our #1 principle is to be your preferred trusted partner who delivers to specification, on deadline and within budget 100% of the time 

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